moderated Re: Gordonsville, Virginia

William Pratt

Ike, Bob,

A few items from my research on the PF&P, from 1931 Sanborn and the 1937 Dept. of Agriculture aerial survey photos of Orange County.

Coal trestle off C&O mainline from Gordonsville approaching that connected to PF&P.

1931 Sanborn Map depiction of C&O spur serving Orange and connecting to PF&P (next image)

C&O spur connection to PF&P. Building labeled Gas Station above switch was original PF&P station prior to 1936 construction of new station.

1937 aerial view shows spur, and C&O freight cars near bottom of photo, and 1936 Virginia Central station, Orange freight House, and mainline connection at top. Photo from Orange Historical Society archives.

Bill Pratt

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