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For the A&Y at least, there were several "standard" designs.  Some from the CF&YV, some from the Southern.  The ICC engineer's drawing notebook indicated when a depot was similar to another, often skipping the drawing and referring back to another depot drawing.  See the Walnut Cove page excerpt I attached where it refers to Comb. Sta. Type #3.   Belews Creek, the original Mt. Airy station (then the freight depot after the granite version was constructed) and quite a few others were type #3.  So that reduces the count considerably.

There are still a lot of drawings and files to cover all the types, and it is quite the monumental task, but maybe a bit smaller than you suggest.


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Ike , Bill and all others:

Thanks for sharing these images and maps. Yes, a station project would be neat to do and have. Geez, how many thousands of drawings and images would such a monumental task take to do and what percentage of those which once existed do you/the archives still have?

From my Washington & Danville division knowledge, I know that just Washington division alone must have had about 150 depots in total, multiply times how many different drawings per depot, then multiply that again by how many divisions of all the various sizes. Washington must have maybe a thousand images give or take a few. Danville because it encompassed a larger region was more still.

That adds up to how many tens of thousands of files.

Okay, journey of thousand miles begins with single step but Wow and double wow!


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