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As you point out (and the image I sent previously confirms) there are "Types" designated by ICC valuation engineers (from reading the notes I photographed during my visits to NARA in 2000-2002 the types were shorthand for the valuation teams and probably do not reflect railroad categories).  If you dig deep enough into the notebooks, you can find pencil sketches for a Type and then each additional depot (at least for the Val 27 and A & B branch line supplements) was documented by type and any variations (especially with respect to footprint and foundation materials which often varied by setting).

I am planning to go back with a new book scanner and grab better quality images of those notebooks for Section 27 and grab ALL the pages of all the annual reports, not just key pages from a report every 5 years, as I did during the first visits.

If you have anything on Val section 27 that you can share with me, I'd appreciate it.  I want to write a book on the A&Y and I'm getting closer to realizing that dream.


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Another “unknown” appears in the ICC valuation descriptions. Depots are described as “Type 1”, "Type 2”, etc. with no explanation of what the types indicate; construction, brick or wood, roof types, etc.

Not a huge number of drawings but still much that needs to be researched!


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