moderated October Work Session at new SRHA archives building

George Eichelberger


Work on the TVRM/SRHA archives building has progressed a great deal since we put a "photo tour" on the SRHA web site ( in August. If you compare those photos to the two I've attached here, you'll notice a huge difference. The "new" photos are about two weeks old and do not show the completed drop ceiling framework, HVAC, electrical and lighting in place. The crates visible in the photos are a portion of SRHA's "Spacesaver" shelving removed from Kennesaw. The Spacesaver agent for GA and TN will start installing them next Wednesday and will be done by Friday of next week. With the shelves installed, we will be able to unpack more than 1,000 archives boxes of SR Presidents' files, books and Valuation Section field notes. We can continue to work in the "office" area of the building on the Southern and Central of Georgia drawing collection, the photo files and nearly 400,000 microfilm aperture cards, 300,000 in the ACL/SALHS collection covering virtually every (!) CSX predecessor and another 100,000 or so Southern and CofG cards.

The work session is set for Friday Oct 19th and Saturday the 20th. We are in the archives more than two days per month. If anyone would like to help, or just visit the facility any other time, please send an email to archives@... and we'll see what can be arranged.


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