Locked Murphy branch in 1970s especially Murphy trackage and industries, information required

Alexander Smart

I’m Sandy Smart, SRHA member living in Oban, Scotland, UK.
A long way from NC!

I’m hoping to model Murphy in the mid 1970s, both Southern and L&N tracks, and I’m looking for some help in collecting relevant data and information.

I have the Michael George books and the October 1984 Model Railroader article, also the Southern Valuation Drawing Set Murphy Branch set, which is dated 1921.
I’ve tried to use the Sanford Fire Insurance maps for Murphy but again they are sketchy and out of date.
Also I can’t find appropriate aerial photos of Murphy.
So progress is a bit slow at the moment.

I would love to hear from members who remember Murphy at that time and can help me out. A railroader from that time who operated the yard would be ideal!

I need an accurate track plan to allow layout planning.
I need information and photos of all the industries eg Ivester Pallet Co., the lumber mills, the LPG storage tanks, team track and wood platform, Standard Oil Co., and of course the pulpwood yard.

I know a fair bit about locos used then, but need more information about cars used and typical consists.

Also employee timetables, switch lists etc.

Most of all as many photos as possible!

I would be be grateful for any assistance you guys could offer!

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards

Sandy Smart

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