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Michael B. Welborn

Obscure but interesting, George.  Thank you.


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On 03/30/2023 7:42 AM George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:

There are so many potential “stories” among the Southern Railway Presidents’ files in the SRHA archives, there is simply no way many of them can ever be written about. I’ve attached an example of a subject we can only say is “obscure”, a Knoxville-Nashville sleeping car that ran on the Tennessee Central.


PS The April SRHA archives work session is set for April 21st and 22nd. Note that may appear incorrect but it IS the third Friday and Saturday of April. Saturday the 1st and Friday, March 31 do not “count” as an April Fri/Sat. Visiting or doing research at the archives is possible almost any day someone plans to be in Chattanooga but send a note to archives@... to make a plan.

1941-5-5 Nashville-Knoxville sleeping car.jpeg

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