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Jim King

Thanks, Ike.  Now this really opens up a can of worms.  Turntables at Addie, Bryson and Epps Springs (about 5 miles west of Bryson)?  I suspect the first 2 were replaced with wyes about in the same location.  According to "legend" and confirmed by the 1948 t/t, light 2-8-2s (4500-class, most likely) were allowed to Addie, which might explain why the Addie turntable (too short) was replaced with a wye.  However, the 1945 retirement date of Bryson's table seems strange.  Only 2-8-0s and 4-6-2s (maybe 4-6-0s) were allowed there so if a turntable that was in-service in 1920 it would have handled everything still operating in 1945.  Maybe it just worn out?  Epps Springs would have been underwater by 1948 as a result of the Fontana Dam track relocation.  Balsam's coaling station retirement in 1949 seems to indicate that steam was gone from the branch by then.  Anyway to confirm that?

Another eye-opener is the multitude of "Retired 1951" dates related to water tanks and, especially, 1946 for Canton's water tank.  August 1952 was that last active steam in Asheville but, it appears, the Branch has already dieselized.  The 1946 Canton date is confusing because there was only 1 tank that I know of (west side of Pigeon River) and steam was still running in 1946.  Could "retired" mean "replacement"?  There was a water pipe of some sort for the yard engine across from the station.

The Bryson coaling station was HUGE compared to the Balsam installation.  Now where was it?  This description rules out the current coal trestle as doing double-duty ... it was likely only for the retail coal dealer.  According to the ICC sheets, the water tank was at MP 64.1 and is shown on the valuation map.  MP 64.0 is between the main road crossing at that station and the coal trestle.  MP 64.3, where the coaling station is noted on the ICC blueprint, would be about where  the 2 tracks become 1 west of town.  There is a stub siding shown on the val map with a "tool house" notation.  Interesting.

Good stuff, thanks again, Ike.
Jim King

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