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Michael Roderick


My guess would be to try to get in touch with somebody from Swain County Court House that handles records and maps especially from the 30's to 40's. I will try to get with my parents to see if they know anybody there in Bryson.


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As more pieces come together, it's interesting to note that the July 1948 t/t from Mike Roderick lists Bryson as having a coal station but the ICC valuation sheet above  shows it retired in 1945 along with the sand house and turntable.  I wish there was a milepost listed for the turntable to confirm or deny suspicion that it was located where wye was installed.  MP 64.3 (coaling station location) is 0.3 mile from "downtown" (station) and, when built in the teens (?) would have been open terrain.  This installation was likely of similar construction as the Balsam ramp, meaning Bryson's ramp (being MUCH bigger) required a long run to get up the ramp.  Not something that would fit closer to town, IMO.  Good grief, even MORE questions ... but we're getting closer to "an answer".
Jim King

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