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Good evening how are you doing? Jim King has sparked interest in the Branch again. If you have a copy of the TT I would appreciate a copy of it, I sent Jim a copy of the 1946 one if your copy is prior to that date I would like to have a copy of it. As for other interesting things I have found out about the branch in the 1920's there was a 3' gauge railroad that ran from Bryson to Alarka it was 10 miles long hauling logs to be milled and the was a line that ran somewhere between Whitter and Governors Island to Cherokee and past it was about 15 miles long.


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I found a copy of a SRY TT that Marvin Black copied and  sent me probably early 2000's.

It does not mention the year but as I recall Marvin stated it was in the 1940's

It has a few codes:

I can probably scan it into a PDF if anyone is interested.
A few codes include:
G Coaling station  (chute bin,platform tipple)
H stock pen
K turntable
P hospital at that location
R engines are coaled from cars at the location
Y "Y" track at location

E water
D passenger trains stop at flag

Gordon Andrews

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