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Ed Mims

I’m pretty certain that the Southern and Southwestern Railway  Club became inactive many years ago. In its last years N&W and Southern (and NS) would not support it. This spread to the other southeastern roads and it folded. I have no idea what might have happened to the records. The club secretary was from the N&W. He would be the most likely one to have the records if he is still alive. His sir name was Mastrangelo. He was from Roanoke and moved to Norfolk after the NS merger. Perhaps someone on this list knows him. I believe he would now be in his 80s if still alive.


You might check with the N&W HS to see if they have the meeting minutes.


Ed Mims


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I am not sure if my subject is directly related to this group but would like to be in contact with the above group re historical information from 1946 and there Volume 34 or
35.      It is re the demo of Ingalls 4-S  at Terminal Station Track 13 in Atlanta GA on 21 st March, 1946.  Shown to Southern, L&N, GM&O, and Seaboard.   Ref is    The Atlanta Constitution newspaper of 21st March 1946, page 14.

Has anyone have any contact details or able to assist in any way ?


Charles Harris

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