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I agree with your logic but the Southern was strict about reporting accounts to the ICC. SRHA does have the Southern’s (and CofG) carbon copies of all/most of the ICC Forms 588-R “Report to Interstate Commerce Commission Bureau of Valuations” in the archives. Those were submitted every year on 6-30 and 12-31 and were the valuation basis for everything on the Southern. Many pieces of correspondence specify how accurate, and timely they had to be. The notes on the Summary Sheets could (!) vary from the 588s but I cannot think of a reason the Southern would have done that?

Even after excluding the grading, ties, ballast, rail, fences, signs and other accounts, there are still many (!) pages of rolling stock and Valuation Section (fixed plant) accounts. Nothing has been scanned on the Murphy Branch (assuming we have it) so I have attached a page from CofG Val section 34 as an example. Note the level of detail it includes. (Can upload a copy of the ICC instructions again if folks are interested.)

Before anyone asks…..no, it is not possible for archives volunteers to scan-on-demand, there is simply not time and we have to do the work that benefits the most people for the foreseeable future. Individuals, preferably as SRHA members, are welcome to go to Chattanooga and help. If we had sufficient donations or grant money from some source, we could pay Univ of Tenn students to come in and help.


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Interesting tidbit re: tt's and wyes.  The wye at Canton was still used when I was there 1977-81 and we had to turn an engine once after it broke an air pipe following a hard coupling and swapped engines with the returning Goose.  The west leg of the wye was removed in the early 80s while the east leg continued usage for car storage.  It came up in the mid 80s soon after the NS merger.

The Addie and Murphy wyes were still in place but unused well into the 80s.  Addie's was removed by the lumber mill (I think) or buried in logs.  The Murphy wye has been cannibalized for switch parts by GSMR according to reports.

I'm still confused as to the several-year difference between documented steam activity on the Murphy and the ICC reports with handwritten (by Southern, no doubt) retirement dates several years before the end of steam.  I don't know when the Nantahala coal conveyor was installed but certainly later than the ICC valuation sheets so it wouldn't show up as being retired.  Several of Dale Roberts' pix were printed in TIES or SRHS pub of that facility with a 2-8-0 and combine, also very unusual consist.  Retiring the Bryson and Balsam coal ramps in 1945 while steam was still running makes no sense to me because Nantahala would have been the only coal source remaining for the entire branch.  The 1948 timetable clearly shows steam in service and the Bryson-Addie turn plus the long-distance Goose.  Also, as far as I know, the short passenger train that ran the entire line (east and west trains usually met around Willits) were always steam powered and that train ran until at least 1947, maybe 1948.  It needed coal, too.
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