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Ed Mims

This is interesting. I had not heard about the Southern & Southwestern Railway Club in about 30 years and had assumed that it had vanished. I was once president of the club in the mid-80s. It was struggling then to maintain railroad members. Vendors always outnumbered RR members at the meetings. The RR members were almost entirely from the Mechanical Dept. and Purchasing and Stores Dept.


What is described below sounds like what was once known as the Cleveland Roamers which was active in the 70s and 80s and perhaps longer. It was much less formal than the S & SW. Meeting were centered around golf followed by a very informal dinner. The S & SW met quarterly and usually held the January meeting in Jacksonville and rotated other meetings between Atlanta, Richmond and Roanoke. The summer outing was generally held at the Ponta Vedra Club. Wives were invited to the outing.


I retired from CSX in 1997 after 34 years’ service.


Ed Mims


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Thanks Ed and Robert.

Organization still going.  A reply I got gave me a contact.  Details of there comments:-


My name is Mike Rutkowski, and I'm currently the Secretary for the Southern Southwestern Railway Club.  I've been in the Rail Industry for 15 years, a participant of the club for 10+ years, and a board member for the last 4 years. 


As for what our group does today, we hold a Vendor/Customer "Reception/Outing" 2 times per year.  One in Jacksonville, FL in the Winter, and one in Altoona, PA in the summer.  The Outings are pretty informal, but still focus on bringing Rail related vendors together with active Railroaders from NS, CSX, Genesee & Wyoming Rail, and others in the area. 

Email is:     mike@...



Charles Harris
New Zealand

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