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The line to Cherokee ran from Ela on the Southern … it was called the Appalachian Ry.  Remnants of the bridge piers/abutments where the line crossed the river near Ela are, supposedly, still visible.  Long-time friend and expert on local logging ops, Jerry Ledford, is finishing the 5th book in a series covering logging companies in this area and eastern TN.  The previous books include a tremendous amount of on-the-ground research along with mostly previously unpublished photos and maps showing how diverse these lines were.  The 5th book, soon to be printed, has a section on the Appalachian Ry with a detailed map drawn by ET&WNCHS authority, Chris Ford.  Southern was the primary outlet for logging products.  He’s also including extensive coverage of Champion’s ops between Canton and Sunburst plus other lines in their vast network.


I don’t know if Jerry is on this list.  You can contact him at gledford55@... re: purchasing previous and upcoming books.  Well worth having in your library if you’re even remotely interested rail ops in western NC.



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Good evening how are you doing? Jim King has sparked interest in the Branch again. If you have a copy of the TT I would appreciate a copy of it, I sent Jim a copy of the 1946 one if your copy is prior to that date I would like to have a copy of it. As for other interesting things I have found out about the branch in the 1920's there was a 3' gauge railroad that ran from Bryson to Alarka it was 10 miles long hauling logs to be milled and the was a line that ran somewhere between Whitter and Governors Island to Cherokee and past it was about 15 miles long.




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I found a copy of a SRY TT that Marvin Black copied and  sent me probably early 2000's.

It does not mention the year but as I recall Marvin stated it was in the 1940's

It has a few codes:

I can probably scan it into a PDF if anyone is interested.
A few codes include:
G Coaling station  (chute bin,platform tipple)
H stock pen
K turntable
P hospital at that location
R engines are coaled from cars at the location
Y "Y" track at location

E water
D passenger trains stop at flag

Gordon Andrews

Jim King

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