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George Eichelberger


While I do not know of anything in the SRHA archives on the Ingalls locomotive, there are thousands of files in the collection, so I can say “maybe”. There is an archives work session next weekend. You are welcome to come and check the Presidents’ files and photos for something on the loco. There could also be something in the (large) Marvin Black diesel data collection.

Do you have specific information about the engine operating on the Southern?


On Jun 16, 2019, at 3:33 AM, Charles Harris <railroads@...> wrote:

In the Atlanta Constitution newspaper for Thursday 21 March 1946, page 14, there was an article headed 'Terminal' Host To First Diesel Built In The South.   This outlined an exhibition being held that day for the Ingalls 4-S locomotive.

The exhibition to  Seaboard, L&N, GM&O, and Southern Railroads, was arranged by Southern and Southwestern Railway Club.  This club still in existence, but unable to help with info for me.

I understand that Southern Railway with others were members of this club.

Does Southern Railway have in your archives have information about above exhibition, and maybe an evaluation report.

The Railway Club issued regular 'Proceedings of Southern and Southwestern Railway Club' and a regular magazine.  Any copies in your archives ?, especially for March 1946 !
Any help much appreciated.

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