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George Eichelberger


Can you give me an approximate date the unit was in Atlanta? That would narrow the number of Presidents files to look for this weekend.

If the loco got from Ingalls in Pascagola to Atlanta on the L&N (logical) the chances of finding something on it in the records are small unless they tried to sell the model to the Southern. Marvin Black accumulated a lot of builders sales info…another place to look.


Did the newspaper article specifically say which depot, Terminal or Union station?  

On Jun 16, 2019, at 4:41 PM, Charles Harris <railroads@...> wrote:

Hi George

Thanks for your response.  As much as I would like to make it to the work session, I cannot, live in New Zealand!
If you happen to come across any reference to the Ingalls that would be great.  The only ref to Southern I have is the newspaper article, other comments online say it was 'demonstrated' to Southern, but the exhibition may be what they were referring to.

Charlie Harris

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