locked Southern Railway Contracts List V2

George Eichelberger

The project to scan all of the Southern contracts in the SRHA archives is moving along. There are still a few to be located and scanned but it will not be long before the effort become part of SRHA's permanent digital file. Last weekend's work session was well attended but we were so busy we did not resolve how we would make copies of various digital items available. We recognize that with SRHA and TVRM's $1M plus investment in the building and purchased collections, taking the time and effort to do the scans and then simply making them available at no cost is not sensible (although we would all prefer to do that).

Contact us at archives@... if you are interested in a particular contract. They can certainly be emailed if folks are willing to make a small donation. If anyone is serious about researching an article for TIES, we can help by making contracts on that topic available.

This is V2 of the list as of today, there will be additions and corrections as we work toward the final version. The next TIES will have an article on the contracts and a second article on Hampton, FL that illustrates how useful the contracts are when doing research.

Dates for the archives work sessions through the end of the year are on the SRHA web home page at www.srha.net.


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