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George Eichelberger


The archives project to scan every available Southern System ETT and PTT is almost complete. I’ll ask if a 40s version of either showing Warm Springs has been scanned and see if we can post a copy. We have not decided, but I expect, to create DVD’s with all of the scans.

If anyone has SRS ETTs or PTTs, please let us know in case you can fill in a gap.

Also Re Warm Springs: I have almost finished scanning a file that describes the details of many of FDR’s POTUS specials to Warm Springs and elsewhere. The trains were typically seven cars including a Pullman Club (the first car in the consist) that carried the Presidents’ Packard auto.

My father was a US Marine on FDR’s guard detail before the war and traveled with the President a number of times. A wood ramp was carried with the Packard to load and unload it. There was contention between the Marines and railroad people because they wanted the Marines to deal with the ramp. The Marines were told they were to guard the President, not be baggage handlers.

On Jun 29, 2019, at 12:21 PM, Charles Powell <charlesspowell@...> wrote:

I am helping a writer friend with a historical novel that takes place in 1945. His characters are going from Warm Springs, GA to Washington, DC. So far I have found a 1950s SR passenger Timetable that shows the line from McDonough GA to Columbus, GA as freight only. I am guessing that there might still have been passenger service in the 1940s. Does anybody have 1940s passenger timetable or know where online I could find the info? If SR was still running passenger trains to Columbus would they originated out of Atlanta or would you have to change trains at McDonough? Any help would be appreciated.
Charlie Powell

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