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George Eichelberger

Let me clarify a bit about Pullman "club cars" carrying FDR's auto...On Jun 29, 2019, at 3:18 PM, Charles Powell wrote:

I was interested in what you said about your father being on FDR's security detail prior to the war and the POTUS specials to Warm Springs. I knew that the president's car traveled with him, but I not sure I follow you on loading the Packard into a Pullman Club? I usually think of a club car as a lounge car…..

The car is identified differently on the documentation for various trips: “Pullman club”, "Pullman club car” and “Pullman club-baggage" are all used with Pullman club-baggage being the most common.

The chapter on Southern’s “Crescent Limited” in Arthur Dubin’s “Some Classic Trains” (Pg 116) includes a photo of club car “William Moultrie” that shows and describes a lounge-baggage configuration. In Duban’s book, the same type car is shown in the B&O “Capitol Limited” and other trains, including the Santa Fe “Chief”, all are referred to as "club cars”. Was the “club” portion of those cars considered rather “high class” and “baggage” was not, thus the truncated name?

A December, 1938 trip to Warm Springs, GA included Pullman club car “Barren Hill”. A POTUS to the west coast in Jul, 1938 used club car “Long Island”. For the June 10 and 11, 1940 trip from Washington to Charlottesville then to Hyde Park, NY, Feb 14 and 15 (Washington to Pensacola) the first car was AC equipped Pullman Club-Baggage Car "Liberty Cap”. In the majority of cases, the club or club-baggage car is unnamed.

“The President Travels by Train” by Bob Withers (Pg 136) mentions “Beginning in 1942, this assignment was filled by B&O combination passenger-baggage coach 1401 under lease to the government” but there is no record for wartime POTUS trains in the SRHA file.

So…is calling club-baggage cars “club” cars simply an abbreviation or the standard of the period?


PS Further reading in the file mentions a ramp for FDR to use to get off his car. Does that imply a ramp for the auto, and the auto, was not on some trips that included a “club” car?

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