locked Re: [ModelingTheSouthern] Groups and Paint

George Eichelberger


For "The things I don’t know”, might you contact the group owners or moderators for answers?

The SouthernRailway, ModelingTheSouthern, and SRHA.io groups are all affiliated with the Southern Railway Historical Association……is that not obvious by the amount of information they include from the SRHA archives?

I won’t take the bandwidth to attempt to answer your questions but here is a question from me?
How, exactly, did SRHA and SRHS “co-exist”? What do you know about how either organization was chartered or organized? What happened to SRHS assets?

On Jul 9, 2019, at 12:10 PM, milepost 131 <mp131.ghandrews@...> wrote:

This IS being cross-posted to the two yahoogroups and the groups.io


The things I don’t know:


1. What’s up with photo/files/messages

2 Depot Paint


Why we have members asking about files and photos…


Now to the various and sundry internet discussion groups- shades of the old days when SRHS and SRHA co-existed.


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