locked Re: A Silverside off-line?

wayland moore

I inherited many slides from a deceased friend's collection.  He attended many NRHS conventions and one group of slides he marked 1960 NRHS convetion [the mounts didn't show dates] covered SRy F through Natural Tunnel and Middlesboro, KY.  Also in the group were of ET&WNC 207 pulling an excursion train, with open gon for riders, on the Clinchfield.  No way of telling if was all one trip or two different trips as numbering on the mounts looked like a 20 - 22 roll for each trip.  Vaguely remember seeing somewhere in his collection a shot of the spruced up 475 and now I'll have to keep in mind film type and mount number to see if it fit into either of these groups of about 8 -10 slides each.  Anyway, to this old mind would think it reasonable to have on display at this convention the engine and gon in the subject photo.

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