locked Southern dining car 3307 and OC 5 to TVRM

George Eichelberger

I have mentioned TVRM has purchased ex Southern Budd dining car #3307 from Amtrak. It will soon be moving from Beech Grove to TVRM for service.

From the "when it rains it pours" category, TVRM is also purchasing (from a private individual) Norfolk Southern Office car #8, ex Southern OC #5. Originally Pullman "Point Richmond", the car was converted to Southern #21 on 3-24-54, to #6 on 10-26-70 and to #5 on 8-11-72. Southern official cars were renumbered as the person they were assigned to was promoted. The car is in generally good condition with a number of modifications and repairs for Amtrak service already done. (The fact that NS named the car "Tennessee" seems particularly fitting for its new home in Chattanooga.)

Although the purchase price for both cars has been donated, there will be significant costs to move and restore OC 5. If anyone (!) would like to help with donations for putting both cars in service, please contact me or TVRM President Tim Andrews.


PS The "rain" continues...the first of two Southern 40' low side gons has been trucked to TVRM from Norfolk, VA, he second will follow shortly. One will be painted black with SOUTHERN lettering in the cars' original black paint scheme, the other in the 1959/60 Freight Car Brown scheme with block lettering. Both will be used in MoW service and photo freights.

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