locked Re: Southern Railway Contracts and Agreements in the SRHA Archives

George Eichelberger


Sorry no again! There is a “hole” in the scaned files from 245 to 268. That may be a book we do not have or have not worked on yet. The second set of bound contracts may have books that were missing from the first set. We are now at the point where we will be able to locate and organize everything in our archives in the next month or so.

As you may recognize, while we have many projects to do, the SR Contracts files need some attention.


On Oct 5, 2018, at 10:08 PM, Jason Greene <jason.p.greene@...> wrote:

Any chance Vol. 4 Contract 263 has been scanned? I would like to see if it might fill a gap in the history that I have been working on for the Sloss Sheffield/US Pipe railroad history. It is fairly complete but there are a few gaps still.

Jason Greene

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