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George Eichelberger

Re: Jim’s model of the Southern 40’ lo side gons….

May I add that I believe, and have told many people, that it is one of the best, most accurate HO models ever made!

It is just one of the reasons SRHA acquired all of the Southern prototypes from WrightTrak. The Association will make the resin castings of as many of the WrightTrak models available to Southern modelers as possible. We never expect to recover SRHA's purchase cost but felt simply preserving the masters and molds was something the group needed to do.


On Aug 5, 2019, at 4:47 PM, Jim King <jimking3@...> wrote:

I’m always thrilled when Southern history is saved, especially for future service.  The 2 gons have particular interest to me because I’ve produced the 1945 PS rebuild in HO, S and O (shipping now).  I know TVRM is very good when it comes to accurately restoring equipment.  The gons, possibly from Eastern Shore RR, have a very diverse history.  ESHR had, I think, 5 of these low sides in service as ferry idlers.  Attached are pix of 2.  They appear identical (PS end with darts is a clue) 11-rib style from the 1945 rebuild program.  It’s doubtful a car number is still visible on the centersill but that would be all that’s needed to determine a car’s history.  Glad they are saved … likely the only ones to be so.
Jim King

Jim King
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