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Link to interesting story about Pyle-National and Mars lights.


Ed Mims


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And both are Pyle-National products, as are all three MU plugs.  How do I know this.  The name is cast into all of them!


The one white, one red oscillating signal light (as they were often refered to in the rulebooks) were common on railroads with lots of double track.  The white light would be on in normal operation.  If the brakes went into emergency (or the engineer manually turned it on), the red light would come on and the white would turn off, and any opposing trains had to stop then pass the stopped train at restricted speed looking out for derailed cars.



Scott Chatfield



Gary Bechdol <garyeb1947@...> wrote:

Thanks, J. C.


Looks like two oscillating lights in the top, with the bottom one red, similar to the ACL F's and E's.




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Attached are photos of the front of an Alco PA-3.  The first is a builders photo. 

 J. C. Paschal - Modeling the Southern in the 40s & 50s


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What was the arrangement of headlights on the PA3's?  The only clear photos I have seen show twin sealed beams in the lower light, but what was in the upper light?

Gary Bechdol
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