locked Re: Southern dining car 3307 and OC 5 to TVRM

Bill Schafer

TVRM didn’t paint it in Pullman green; that’s the way it was painted when TVRM received it. I was never comfortable with this paint job because the person who lettered it used zeroes instead of letter “o”s in the name Clover Colony when the car was lettered. That’s not a mistake Pullman would have made. 

Its present scheme (maroon, lettered for “Tennessee Valley” with “Pullman” at the corners) was chosen to depict what the car would look like if it had been divested by the Pullman Company to the Tennessee Valley RR, circa 1948 or so, but that was leased back to Pullman for operation. 

On Aug 6, 2019, at 9:57 AM, Marv Clemons <mclemonsjr@...> wrote:

Right on, Ed.  I'm still waiting for CLOVER COLONY to return to her original Pullman green as first painted by TVRM, seen below on an early Summerville excursion.

<Clover Colony111.jpg>

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