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Kevin Centers

Ultimately that probably led to the smooth roof. After Budd repaired the wreck damage it retained the fluted roof for a while. At some point Southern got tired of the leaks and installed a smooth roof. 
The thing to remember about a Budd is that the roof was part of the structure of the car. The fluted roof allowed greater strength without the weight cost of structural beams. 

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I thought the smooth roof on 665 came after the "roll-over" at Second Avenue in Columbus.  I don't recall the date, and I'm not going to look for it, but it could have been post-Southern acquisition and following Southern practices.  Of course, a "little" warping and twisting in a roll-over could cause a "few" leaks ...

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SOU 665 (former CofGa 665) at Southern Appalachia Ry Museum is a good example of this. Built by Budd with a fluted roof with smooth panels applied by Southern.

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