locked SRHA Archives Work Sessions

Jim Thurston

The SRHA Archives Work Session schedule has been set through 2019, beginning with Oct 19-20 (Fri-Sat) this month.

These dates, along with any changes, will also be posted here and on our website: SRHA.net

Generally these sessions will be Friday-Saturday on the weekend of the third Sat each month, but there are exceptions to avoid holidays and conflicts.

If you want to come and work (or visit) at other times, please let me know by email and this can usually be arranged.

Jim Thurston


2018 Work Sessions

October 19-20
November 16-17
December 14-15

2019 Work Sessions

January 25-26
February 22-23
March 15-16
April 26-27
May 17-18
June 21-22
July 19-20
August 16-17
September 20-21
October 18-19
November 15-16
December 13-14

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