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A&Y Dave in MD

I am a 1/87 scale modeler.  

The problem with Speedwitch kits is that they aren't making any (Ted has a full time job in NY and I don't want to wish him to be unemployed again, even if it would mean more kits).

I only have one of each, and the kit boxes read 1937 and 1938 build dates.  I have no idea what keeps them from being used for earlier versions, but I am guessing it is "cast in" to the kit body, not just a detail, or the box would claim the cars go back to the earliest build dates of '24.   I'll have to get them out and see if I can compare to the photos on the Duke University construction archive (there are several SOU low side gons from late '20s era in that archive--the only photos from the era I've seen except for the one fuzzy one in the Southern Railway Handbook).


Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 2:20:01 PM, you wrote:

The question is scale. Jim King knows that my interest is S, presumably David and Dan are HO and Jim has re-entered the O-scale market.

Jack Wyatt

On Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 02:14:04 PM EDT, Dan Miller <danieljmiller@...> wrote:

I'll add to Jack and Dave's interest in an un-rebuilt gon kit.

Dan Miller

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Jack has a more direct way of getting to the point...so I’ll follow his lead:

Anything for 1934?

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Any hope of producing a kit of the un-rebuilt  car?


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Not all 9-ribbers were rebuilt in 1945; some lasted as-built well into the 60s based on photos.
Jim King

Jim King

David Bott

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