locked Re: Enoree River


Thanks for all the feedback, guys.  I will leave the "Eno River" on the sheet when it comes to lettering one of the 10-6's I have.

I had found lists of Southern sleepers, none listed it, but did have the Enoree River.

And I found out about the smooth-roofed cars that could have been Budd cars. Never knew, or had any reason to know, that Southern had added a smooth covering to the roofs of the Budds.  With the seams, I can see where they could flex and start leaking .

I am working to put together a Southern train to run behind a set of the Walthers E8s I just got. The train will run on our club layout in Crossville, TN, and I will have to deal with the rivet counters that point out inconsistencies. Hope they aren't to common there!

I grew in Atlanta, graduated from Ga Tech, and some afternoons to avoid the downtown connector I would go down Marietta Street. If I timed it right, I would see the engines and any extra cars for the northbound Crescent heading to Peachtree Station.  Usually four engines northbound, and three coming in from New Orleans, or at least the times I remember seeing them.

Richard Morris

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