locked Re: Florida Sunbeam via Crawford, FL?? and Southern OC-5

Stephen Warner

Interesting about the 1940's abandonment of the Palatka line.  During the "rush" re the "new era of NS-CST cooperation" in the 80's (Foley Line Trackage rights allowing CSXT to abandon an entire sub, the SC Project which remained a thorn in our side until Tony went to CSXT and solved it.  I was then involved (I was in Jack Martin's group, although it was a CP&D project) in the trade of CSXT Haulage Jax to Palatka in exchange for abandoning the southern end of the Palatka Line.  However, NS MKTG rarely used the haulage and we essentially left the Palatka Market, Seminole Electric notwithstanding.  So how did NS come out smelling like a rose after the "exciting cooperation?  More like a wilted flower.

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