locked Re: Florida Sunbeam via Crawford, FL?? and Southern OC-5

George Eichelberger


Was the haulage not used because the plan was to shift the Palatka paper mill traffic to Triple Crown trucks out of Jacksonville?


I included an “epilogue” about the Palatka line that was not published with the Hampton article that you may know something about.

The line was torn up from the ACL crossing (already abandoned) at Lake Butler to Palatka but the segment from Lake City to Lake Butler remained in place but unused as a potential route to get coal to the Gainesville Electric generation plant near Gainesville. The “word” in Florida was that Gainesville Electric would acquire the ACL roadbed south of Lake Butler, put tracks in place and receive coal via NS.

When CSX got word of the plan, they negotiated a long term lowball rate to keep the business away from NS. The Palatka line was torn up back to Lake City. (I do not know if the Sou/SAL crossing at Lake City exists today).

Can anyone confirm?


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