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George Eichelberger

I’m not sure I can claim to be “in the know” but I can confirm SRHA purchased The WrightTrak Southern prototype models. SRHA did not acquire any parts or kits from Gary but we do not expect him to sell any Southern parts if he retained some inventory.

SRHA purchased a few other examples but not the IC cabs. SRHA did not discuss those masters or models but if someone is interested, they could contact Gary and ask if he wants to sell them.

We hope that by the next SRHA work session (the same weekend as the TVRM “Founders Day” and the L&NHS convention at TVRM), we will have more information on the availability of several of the Southern models. (We don’t have a product name but there will be a change from WrightTrak.)

With everything going on at TVRM 9-20, 21 and 22 there is plenty of reasons for people to attend all three events. One of the newest additions to the TVRM roster, L&N “Cross Keys Tavern” (thanks Bob Ralph) will be there as well as 4501 as an L&N engine. Southern Budd (1949) diner 3307 may arrive from Amtrak at Beech Grove and we should know about when Norfolk Southern office car No. 8 (Southern No 5) will be arriving by truck from Madison, IL. 

(It is impossible to predict when important rolling stock becomes available to TVRM on short notice but decisions have to be made quickly. We are fortunate that money to purchase the three passenger cars, (and two Southern low side gondolas) has been donated but $ help is needed to get everything moved to Chattanooga and then to be restored. Now is an excellent time for folks to help preserve some important rolling stock on the largest operating railroad museum in the Southeast.)


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I might have heard it wrong. Maybe someone in the know will reply!


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Thanks for the information. I didn’t hear that. It was just they bought the molds.
Gary Olszewski
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I was under the impression that they bought all the Southern related Wright Trak models, but I may be wrong!

Warren Calloway

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 I was directed to this group from members of the IC Modelers group on IO. I have two Wright Trak IC Centralia Porch caboose models and one of them is missing the underframe. A member said the Southern Society has purchased all of Wright Trak's molds. If this is true how can  I go about obtaining my missing part? If this information is incorrect, can anyone direct me in contacting Gary or someone who might be able to help.
 I have also sent a note to Gary at the Georgia address on the box and I'm waiting for a response.

Thanks for any help in this matter,
Gary Olszewski

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