locked Re: Nashville-NYC sleeper on the Tennesseean

Robert Hanson

Ike - 

A "quick-and-dirty" check of the Guide shows that the service did, indeed, begin and it was a Bristol-Nashville service.

Service was provided by a 12Sec-1DR sleeper.

How long the service lasted, I don't know.  The Guide I checked was from April of 1949 and showed the car as originating and terminating at Bristol, with no service beyond to New York City. (at least on the Nashville car.)

This was in 1949, though.  The car may have gone through in earlier years.  (Just checked - the December 1941 Guide also shows the car terminating and originating at Bristol.)

That's what I found with a nickel's worth of research.

Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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Something for the Official Guide fans among us. From Southern Railway Presidents' file Boxes 490 & 491, Files 10275, 78, 81 & 82 (884 scans).

Did the service actually begin? If so, obviously, with a connection at Chattanooga. Did the car stay on the Tennessean north of Bristol to DC or change to an N&W train? If so, how did it get to NYC?


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