locked Discontinuance of Southern Trains 11 & 12 Columbia - Charleston in 1950

George Eichelberger

The next archives work session will be Oct 18th and 19th. Several projects are underway or nearing completion but more continue to be identified that will "fit" almost anyone'sĀ interest in the Southern Railway. Join us at the archives if you can.....

As usual, the last SRHA archives work session unearthed a series of interesting documents. Beginning after WWII, the Southern attempted, and usually succeeded, in discontinuing many passenger trains. In addition to periodic summaries showing the status of train-off filings, there are individual files on a number of trains. As more files are located, we will make a list to show which trains we have information and files about.

Aside from simple lack of passengers, the files show the interplay between passenger, mail and Railway Express services. In several cases, before the Post Office stopped the Railway Mail Service, mail and REA contracts were used as arguments against discontinuing passenger trains. I've attached three items from the file on trains 11 and 12 between Columbia and Charleston. I expect very few train-off arguments could have included documents dating to December 17, 1832, three pages from the file are attached.

A future TIES article will cover Charleston Union Station, mentioned in the cover letter.


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