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George Eichelberger

We ran an article on Hampton, Fla in the last issue of TIES. In addition to Seaboard and Southern drawings of the interlocking plant and contracts between the two railroads controlling how the depot and interlocking was operated, there were several photos included. Here is a print from the Ben Roberts collection in the SRHA archives of the depot in April, 1958. (Copies of TIES are available from the GRAB at www.srha.net.)

Today, with the GS&F line to Palatka gone there is virtually no trace of the interlocking plant or the structures visible today.

The article mentioned Hampton was where the “Florida Sunbeam” from Atlanta and points in the Midwest changed from GS&F to SAL trackage to get to Tampa and St. Pete. An article on the Sunbeam will appear in TIES shortly. Photos of the seasonal train are rather rare. If anyone has any they could let us use in the article, that would be great. (An article on Palatka is also in the works.)


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Thank you, Bob.  I was just hoping!
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Don't think so, Marvin. It appears to be the restored Hampton SC H&B RR depot in Hampton.


Bob Graham


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Can anyone confirm whether this is the SOU/SAL depot at Hampton, Florida?

Marv Clemons 

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