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George Eichelberger


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Now that you are “official”, we need to get you to the archives to look through the Birmingham material. With multiple roads interchanging passengers and freight traffic, Birmingham has as many bi-lateral contracts as any other SR city. For example, “In the Junctions and Streets of Birmingham” could look at the contracts and maps describing how the Frisco, L&N, BS, SAL and ACL were interconnected and look to see what trackage exists today. The details of the Southern and CofG trackage, and trackage swaps, both used to get into Terminal Station are interesting by themselves.

I am told quite a few of the structures still stand at Findley Yard. We have several files and drawings on that facility along with the construction of the new yard at Irondale. Grist for more Birmingham articles….


PS The 2020 SRHA convention will be in Richmond. There is quite a bit of Richmond related material in the archives. We should put a Richmond article together for TIES in advance of the meet.

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Congratulations, Ike, you've embarrassed me into subscribing to TIES!  My check for SRHA membership will be coming forthwith.

I have some artwork and perhaps a few photos of the "Sunbeam" I'd be happy to share for your forthcoming article.  I'll get back to you shortly.

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