locked Re: Help Please -- Goldsboro Union Station & Modernized Coaches



I need your help please on two issues:

(1) Does anyone remember what magazine had the article on Goldsboro Union Station? Was it a SRR HS magazine or one of the ACL/SAL/SCL ones. I thought I had clipped the article but now cant find it.

(2) Does anyone know if there is an article on the SRR heavyweight single vestibule coaches rebuilt from Pullmans and used on Train 7-8 between Washington & Lynchburg and the Piedmont? I have the car sides from USP, the roof and a basic body kit from Branchline -- and now need to be able to accurately install all of the "stuff" underneath the car in its proper order and paint the interior (which IIRC was in tones of grey?).

Thanks for your guidance. I hope to write an article on this project -- sincerely,

/s/ Bjarne

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