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George Eichelberger


I don’t remember anything about Goldsboro Union Station that has been published but I have been accumulating material for a TIES article. (Maybe also “Lines South” as it was a Southern/ACL/NS union station.) Look for the Goldsboro contracts in the list I published here before. I also found a Goldsboro reference in the SR Presidents’ files finding aids. I will look for those at the work session this Thurs-Sat.

We will also scan (OCR?) the passenger car drawings index this weekend. We have a more or less complete set of Southern passenger car drawings dating back to about 1904. (The drawings do not start earlier because the Southern did not acquire much new rolling stock in its first ten years or so.) Because the conversions were done at Hayne, we should have files and drawings.

The problem always is…we have more work to do in the archives than we have volunteers to do it. If people, or groups of people from the various “Southern” states will make plans to get to Chatt to work for a couple of days, we can schedule an ad-hoc work session almost anytime.

For anyone really serious about Southern rolling stock, after Southern office car #5 gets to TVRM, anyone that wants to learn about and work on 12” to the foot rolling stock, they are welcome to help.


Photo of Goldsboro Union Station 8-14-59 Ben Roberts collection, SRHA archives

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I need your help please on two issues:

(1)  Does anyone remember what magazine had the article on Goldsboro Union Station?  Was it a SRR HS magazine or one of the ACL/SAL/SCL ones.  I thought I had clipped the article but now cant find it.

(2)  Does anyone know if there is an article on the SRR heavyweight single vestibule coaches rebuilt from Pullmans and used on Train 7-8 between Washington & Lynchburg and the Piedmont? I have the car sides from USP, the roof and a basic body kit from Branchline  -- and now need to be able to accurately install all of the "stuff" underneath the car in its proper order and paint the interior (which IIRC was in tones of grey?).

Thanks for your guidance.  I hope to write an article on this project -- sincerely,

/s/ Bjarne

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