Locked Southern Railway Aggregate Hoppers

Bill Schafer


For an article in an upcoming TIES, I’d like to find some publishable images of Southern’s aggregate hoppers (pre-NS merger), most of which were built by Greenville Steel Car Co. in the early-1970s. I have immediate need of builders photos and photos of these cars being loaded/unloaded on customers’ tracks. Also, I’d like a small selection of a string of these cars in a train. There were 2500 of these cars in the 101300-103999 series. 

Also, I’d greatly appreciate one or two good images of the Ortner-built aggregate cars (105000-105249) built in the late-1970s. I don’t recall ever seeing one of these cars, either in person or in a photo.

Deadline is approaching, so thanks in advance for a quick response. Please contact me off-list - editor@....



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