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Ted Hopkins

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The Interstate Commerce Commission valuation maps often had tables that listed land owners and donors, but that could be hit or miss as it was often a valuation crew asking opinions of then current residents and business owners nearby.  Title data in those days was a bit loose.

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My understanding is that, until circa 1830s-50s, the South Carolina Railroad ran from Charleston to Hopkins Turn Out ("T.O.")South Carolina, where it ended and passengers "turned-out" (detrained) and the train turned around and went back to Charleston.  My questions are:  When was the track first completed to Hopkins, S.C.? and (2) When was the track completed from Hopkins, T.O. to Columbia; and when was the track completed from Columbia, S.C.  to Asheville, N.C.via Saluda, N.C.?

My family - the Hopkins Family -  settled in Richland District in 1764 and owned much of the property east of Hopkins, T.O.  My understand is that my great-grandfather (or uncle) gave South Carolina Railroad some of the property between Hopkins T.O. and Columbia, in order to complete the line to Columbia.  Is there a way to verify that?  Can the railroad confirm that?

Thank you very much.

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