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Ron Stafford

Thank you Carl. In addition to the employee timetables, it might be worth looking into other forms of paperwork that could be included...track charts, signal charts, etc. That might make the divisional DVD idea even more appealing.

Something to think about...


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Your divisional CD idea is one we are exploring.
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Although I am no longer a dues paying member of the SRHA itself (retirement and living on a fixed income has caused me to have to drop my membership in several of the many historical societies that I once belonged to), I still follow the SRHA to the extent that I can here on groups.io.

Having said that, I realize that my non-member status doesn’t count for much, however I would still like to make a suggestion. Why not consider an attempt at selling a series of divisional DVD’s containing the various ETT’s that the society has scanned and available for reference? Maybe start with one of the more popular divisions and see how sales go from there, and then base the possibility of future releases on that (perhaps a poll could be taken to see which divisions garner the most interest).

I have several hundred SOU employee timetables scanned, primarily from those divisions in the Appalachian region (Appalachia, Asheville, Knoxville, etc.) but also several from certain divisions south of there, primarily Charleston, Columbia, etc., and would like to be able to share that information with others who have the same interest (and maybe eventually, the timetables themselves). Dates in the collection range from the early 1920’s up through the 1980’s.

FWIW, when I went to the io.groups homepage to attempt to post a list of the issues in my collection, it appears that the section is not available (all I got was a red outlined circle with a diagonal bar through it, similar to the “No Parking” or “No Smoking”, etc. signs you so often see these days).

Let’s keep this discussion going forward…

Ron Stafford


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Robert and everyone....

SRHA, through a major effort by one of our members has accumulated and scanned a large number of employee and public timetables. I do not know how many of each have been scanned as of today but the files are measured in GB. Several people have provided ETTs and PTTs from their private collections including some that are very old and rare. (If anyone has any ETTs or PTTs they would like to see included in the project, contact me off  list.)

So...my question to everyone is: How should SRHA make them available and at what price?

For a few example questions:
Should they be freely available?......(If so, why)
Should they be available only to SRHA members?.....(If not, why should non-members be able to acquire them?) (If they are sold, should there be member and non-member pricing?
Should they be offered individually, by Division, by year or as a complete set?
Should older/rarer examples be priced differently?
Should the material be available only to people that go to the archives to do research?

While the question is only about ETTs, SRHA has to answer the same questions about virtually all of the items in the archives. Note that SRHA dues are used mainly to pay for TIES, NO dues money is used by the archives.
The archives (building, rental trucks, buying computers, etc.) are paid for by GRAB (company store) sales and private donations. SRHA has never charged model manufacturers to use drawings and data to produce Southern decals, locos or rolling stock. (Virtually every accurate product from any of those categories produced over the past twenty+ years has used SRHA archives materials.)

I realize these are hard questions to ask and answer but we need to put policies in place that let SRHA fulfill its mission and charter and still have funds to maintain the collection.


PS As info...the total cost of acquired collections exceeds $100,000, Spacesaver shelving in the archives $20,000+, all paid for mostly by donations.
PPS Note my earlier post about the 1948 Pullman study that is available from the (access is temporary as it is still being developed) file server at the archives. There is now a file of 175+ Pullman-Southern correspondence items on the same link. We ask that the material not be used for commercial purposes without contacting SRHA and credit be given to SRHA for use.


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