locked Re: Southern 390399 "Ortner's 10,000th Rapid Discharge Car" Questions

George Eichelberger

I cannot locate data on the Ortner car but recall it was the standard stencil arrangement with the 10,000 car stencil added. Other than that, it was the standard stencil scheme except on a blue car.

MDC did their car, including 390423 (think I have two if anyone wants one) with five bays. That was the standard Orton design but Southern asked for a four-bay version because they thought it would stand up to heavy use better.

We sent a package of drawings and P-S photos to the NCTM that they used to do an excellent restoration of the paint scheme. A lower res version of P-S drawing M-024-295 is attached. (By 1970, Southern had stopped tracing carbuilders’ drawings so their is no “SF” version.)


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