locked Re: Southern Railway Aggregate Hoppers

Ryan Harris

That's interesting, Jason. I'm certainly no expert on Southern railcars. I was using the terminology used in Andrew Dow's book, Norfolk and Western Coal Cars. In Appendix H there is a listing of "Coal Cars of the Southern Railway as may be found in service on Norfolk and Western coal routes." The Greenville cars I referred to in series 360000-360999 are listed as Southern class HS58 in this book.

I have some Southern equipment drawings of the Ortner quick dump hoppers (79425-79979, 79980 and 390000-390499). These are listed as Car Type K240 (K340 for the lone aluminum car) but no "class" is given on the diagram. In the Dow book the same Southern Ortner cars are listed as Southern classes HS24 through HS27 for the 79xxx cars and classes HS59 through HS61 for the 390xxx cars. I wonder if the concept of a Southern class of cars is a Norfolk Southern thing, since in the context of the book these cars are only considered as coal cars in the combined Norfolk Southern railroad.

Ryan Harris
Fort Worth, TX

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