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Ryan Harris

I see what you mean about the term "stenciling" Ike. I have run across drawings that lay out where each individual stencil is to be applied, which I believe is what you're referring to. Those drawings actually do fit what I'm looking for. However, I was thinking of a drawing where the dimensions and shape of the individual characters are laid out so they can be reproduced accurately. I used the term stencil because that is the term I saw used on this Southern Railway diagram:


This is the only Southern Railway stencil drawing of this type I found on the Norfolk and Western Historical Society archives, but honestly I was glad to have found anything Southern related there. Since Southern had such a unique letter and numeral style, I have to imagine more drawings than this single stencil drawing I found existed at one time or another. To my point, the letters and numerals on the Ortner cars in Warren Calloway's photos above are very close if not an exact match to the lettering used on Greenville cars in series 351862-352661 and Pullman Standard cars in series 88000-88499. I have to imagine the different builders used a common Southern Railway standard drawing to create stencils in their own shops, or at the very least the Southern Railway standard letters and numerals were specified on the individual drawings supplied to each builder.

I am very familiar with Mask Island decals. They are excellent quality and tend to be true to the prototype lettering. I was very pleased to learn he made decals for the boxcars rebuilt as flatcars to carry highway trailers. I had built a couple models of those cars and was almost resigned to painting them for Norfolk Southern when I was alerted to the newly released set. I have also purchased other Southern decals from Mask Island in the hopes of finding something I can use for the 360000-360999 series I mentioned earlier in the thread, but so far nothing is a good fit. If the SRHA has any drawings that might help Mask Island to produce the lightweight or "thin" letters and numerals found on the Ortner and Greenville open hopper series I mentioned and Warren Calloway's photos above depict, I would very much appreciate any help Mr. Mask might be given by the SRHA to produce those decals. There are unpainted models out there just waiting for these decals!

Ryan Harris
Fort Worth, TX

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