locked Re: Southern 390399 "Ortner's 10,000th Rapid Discharge Car" Questions

George Eichelberger

“Thin” Southern road name lettering

For years, I have thought, and told people, that SRHA did not have a stencil drawing of the last version of the “thin” Southern road name lettering. 

In the years before the N&W/Sou merger the SR Mechanical Dept. produced fewer and fewer new equipment drawings, relying on car builder drawings exclusively. The attached Ortner “stenciling” drawing OC-5075-7 is for 100T aggregate cars Sou 1109950-109999 from New Car Program (NCP)-226 and apparently was never traced by the Southern.

We will re-scan both the 35mm aperture card and the original drawings (in the archives?) to improve on this poor quality example. I’ll make sure scans of this, Ortner drawings 332-151 & 152 and get whatever other similar drawings we can locate to Hubert Mask at Mask Island in case he is interested in producing decals. (The thin lettering, in green, was also used on the last order(s) of 100T covered hoppers but we need to confirm the dimensions are the same.)


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