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George Eichelberger

We have the Specifications, order quotes and documentation on virtually every diesel the Southern purchased starting in 1940. Let’s remember, and make the time to check the file on the B-36-7s for Locotrol equipment before or during the December archives work session. 

(The 2020 archives work session schedule will be in the next TIES and on the SRHA web site. For 2019, we moved dates from the third weekend (defined as a Friday and Saturday) to avoid Monday holidays. For 2020 some sessions will be on a three day weekend. That may make it easier for people that have to come from farther away to visit the archives.)


On Nov 26, 2019, at 4:08 PM, D. Scott Chatfield <blindog@...> wrote:

According to the Withers & Sink book "Southern Motive Power 1968-1982" only the 3815 and 3816 had RC gear.  Only two are pictured in the book, 3815 and 3818, both in 1986.  Both had black numberboards.  3815 had an extra firecracker amidships which tells me she had Locotrol.

A photo of brand new 3818 and 3819 in X2200South#73pg15 shows the white numberboards but I don't see the firecracker amidships.  Hmmm...

FWIW, I don't recall seeing the B36s when I worked at Inman in the early '80s.  The B30s, yes.

Scott Chatfield

WR <ratholer138@...> wrote:
Here's some questions for the motive power gurus. 
I have just received my Rapido B36-7's. Rapido chose to model numbers 3816, 3818, and 3819. All three have the white number boards with black numerals indicating the units were equipped as Locotrol masters. Also have the extra antennas. 
From the limited photos I have located in books and online this appears to be correct. So did all 6 B36-7's come from GE with Locotrol installed?
It also appears that the Locotrol equipment was removed after a short time, evidenced by the black number boards with white numerals in later photographs. When was the Locotrol equipment removed from these units?

Walt Rieger
Covington, LA

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