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Robert Graham

SOU B36-7 3815, 3816 were equipped with Locotrol and had the 3  antennas on the roof. The Locotrol equipment was deactivated in 3815-3816 circa 1984. The 1985 NS form 1014 shows these 2 equipped only with provision for Locotrol, but no longer active or capable as leaders.

SOU 3817-3820 were never so equipped.

GE erred upon delivery in 1981 and all 6 (3815-3820 ) were delivered incorrectly with white number boards with black numerals, documented photographically. SOU quickly corrected this mistake and 3815-3816 only were shortly after delivery the only 2 with the proper white number boards indicating Locotrol master. The other 4 went to the proper black number board with white numerals.

The B36-7's were delivered in 1981; the NS merger occurred June 1982. The NS adopted the N&W number board standard of white with black numerals. After several years, former SOU locomotives that had been equipped with black number boards with white numerals began having the new standard of NS white number boards installed. When a former SOU locomotive was seen with the white number boards, it would raise the attention of the casual observer to think it was Locotrol equipped. This era can be confusing to the modeler and locomotive historian regarding number board color and what it means. Just "finding a photo" is only useful if the date it was made is known to be able to view it in proper context.

I have not seen a Rapido B36-7, so can not comment on how well other details were replicated. But, I can state that Rapido and its representatives were made fully aware of the full array of SOU B36-7 details and peculiarities prior to production.

Bob Graham



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Here's some questions for the motive power gurus. 
I have just received my Rapido B36-7's. Rapido chose to model numbers 3816, 3818, and 3819. All three have the white number boards with black numerals indicating the units were equipped as Locotrol masters. Also have the extra antennas. 
From the limited photos I have located in books and online this appears to be correct. So did all 6 B36-7's come from GE with Locotrol installed?
It also appears that the Locotrol equipment was removed after a short time, evidenced by the black number boards with white numerals in later photographs. When was the Locotrol equipment removed from these units?

Walt Rieger
Covington, LA

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