locked Re: Southern B36-7


Thanks Scott for the info. I have the Southern Motive Power 68-82 book, but was (still) confused by it listing only 3815 and 3816 as RC equipped units. The Paul Withers Southern Motive Power 1939-1982 book has a photo of 3818 with 3819 trailing with both units wearing white number boards. Caption on photo dated April 2, 1981 at Ludlow, KY states units were on their first run on home rails. Builders date is 3/81 so they were fresh from GE. Both upper and lower baffles are present on 3818. After more research today, I have located photos of all 6 units with white numbers boards. But as you stated I cannot see the additional firecracker antennas on 3818. A photo on Tom Daspit's site dated July 12,1981 shows 3816 with white number boards and 3 antennas followed by 3820 also with white number boards but with only one antenna visible on the cab. 2 more photos found on the RR pictures archive site by Bernie Feldman dated Nov 22, 1981 at Atlanta GA show 3815 white boards and 3 antenna followed by 3818 with black boards. The other photo shows 3816 with white boards and 3 antenna followed by 3820 with black boards. Also of interest in these two photos are the exhaust stacks of 3815 and 3816 covered in plastic wrap. Probably all 6 units were there at the same time. Conclusions from this photo trail can lead one to believe that all 6 B36-7's were delivered from GE with white number boards regardless of Locotrol equipment installed. A mistake by GE similar to the lettering style on the U30C's.
From the two Bernie Feldman photos one can assume that the units were being shopped at Atlanta to correct these mistakes 8 months after being delivered. 

My modeling period is late Sep early Oct of 1981, so I guess I am safe leaving the white boards on all 3 units, but the additional antennas on 3818 and 3819 will have to go. :-)


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