locked Re: Southern B36-7



I was hoping you would chime in. I guess I should have waited a few minutes more before typing my last reply. Thank you for the info and also confirming my conclusion on GE delivering all 6 with white boards.

As I stated the Rapido models all have the white boards and they all have 3 antennas. This is a minor mistake in my opinion and easily corrected. I have only had them for 2 days, but I would give Rapido a 9 out 10 for their effort. It seems that regardless of the manufacturer, mistakes are made. Some easily corrected, others not so. As a long time Southern modeler I can recall a time when the only way to get a Southern model was to kitbash it or scratch build it. So I will take what becomes available and fix the bugs.

Thanks again for your expertise on Southern motive power.


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