locked Re: F-Unit Roof Hatches

D. Scott Chatfield

An attempt to improve engine room ventilation. Answer is on P.338 of Diesels of the Southern Railway 1939-1982 (Withers with Calloway and Wilson).

Just because it's in a Withers book doesn't make it correct.

I don't see how it would help "engine room ventilation."  F-units did not have pressurized carbodies, and I don't see any vents on the box.  Also note the box is on the front of the NP B-unit and the rear of the Southern A-unit.

To me the box looks like a roof-hung water tank from a passenger-equipped unit, but neither of these units were passenger-equipped.  No pass-through steam lines either.  Perhaps it was a water tank and they couldn't mount it flush because of something inside.

Doesn't appear to hold radio gear either.

So that leaves us with the only logical explanation:  increased headroom so basketball players could use the toilet.

Scott Chatfield

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